Know Your Rights


SerpentLibertine and the folks of SWOP created this phenomenal Know Your Rights video for sex workers of all walks of life.

This is an important video for any form of sex work, whether you consider yourself a sex worker or not. Really, it’s an important video for everyone. I know I watch a lot of cop dramas on television. They’re entertaining. But every time a suspect starts talking without a lawyer, to get out of a situation, to avoid arrest, I cringe. Just invoke your constitutional right to remain silent and speak to your lawyer.

I think what’s most important that the video points out is that cops can do anything to arrest you. There’s a myth that cops can’t fuck a sex worker or do drugs to make a bust. They can. They can buy a lapdance, be dominated, slob your knob, have sex with you, smoke a joint with you, and so on. I once heard the advice that sex workers should advertise Roman or brown showers. Cops can get puked or dumped on to arrest you, but do they want to?

If the general public knew this as well, it would benefit the sex workers rights movement. Think about it. Your hard-earned tax dollars are going toward cops getting free lapdances, lays, and so forth. Sure, sure, you may claim it’s in the name of busting bad guys and gals, but that’s serious bunk. A lay paid for by the tax dollars of the public is still a free lay to a cop.


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  1. 1 good girls don’t.

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